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Paul’s Haiku

indigo half shell

sea moist silver gleams inside

until dusk conceals

. . .

The journals are filled with a shit ton of crappy poetry, like the above.  I went back to them thinking there would be a linear story to follow, that there would be a prose explanation for everything we did.  But the dusty books are filled with scraps of paper, napkins, receipts, on which I scribbled random notes and lines.  None of which are particularly good or sensical.

I wrote this little haiku in the first days of our flirtation.  It makes me realize how disjointed the affair made my mind from the get go, how it dislocated my reality from its socket and left me with these frayed tendons of thought.


August 24, 2000

Clouds like dragons,

clouds like birds.

The two of us dangle our feet

off the edge of evening and

drink sunset colored cocktails.

I am ready to slip over this ledge,

feel my body slice the space,

silent as a fish.

I know you would not understand

if I told you

shipwreck visions float

up with the freckles on your forehead.

And would you be anything less than offended if I said

in your arms, I am held by a ghost?

The sky is bruised with violet continents,

and the first stars, so far off, make me feel

I am sinking,

but it is the sinking into a vast sleep

where I will rise and float.