Poem Written During a Week Without

by plumsouls

Hateful week,

the rainy frustration of you, nowhere to be found.

I’ve lost my watch,

the days squish like soggy ashes,

sitting still, unyielding to moon or stars.

. . .

Do you know I loved sitting on that wall next to you,

bushes scratching my bare shoulder like kitten claws?

Do you know I count each moment like a bead,

string them on the transparent floss

of laughter until I have length enough to wind up my arm?

. . .


I never told you more than I like your tie.

Not a word of we belong.

. . .

But where are you and don’t you know

you should be here with me?

Because I have a light for you,

growing like a tigerlilly

out of the pulp of this gray week.